Explore the 4 Hands ultimate man to man erotic massage

Three way intimacy is a magnificent thing. To be able to completely let go and allow your body to be intimately touched and cared for at the deepest level  by two other men is a wonderful unique experience .

Enjoying a four hands massage is understandably a very erotic experience but whilst the masseurs use their skills and intuition to take you on this powerfully sensual and erotic journey they never lose the focus of giving you an excellent massage. Add to that mutual nudity and mutual arousal it’s no wonder guys often describe the four hands as the nirvana of massage.

Description of a four hands male to male erotic massage

From the moment the massage begins, you are taken on a sensual experience where all that matters is you. Your body is gradually seduced with four hands exploring, kneading, stroking, helping your mind to “zone out” giving over to the natural processes of the body. During the massage you are aroused in a multitude of ways and to levels that intentionally releases your hidden sensual and sexual energies often culminating in the ultimate climax of orgasm. Those who have taken a four hands massage often report that after they feel a deep sense of fulfilment and relaxation that last for days.

The perfect four hands massage should be a four act performance

Following a brief chat when you can ask any questions to the masseurs and they can find our what particular elements you would like to include within your massage, you will usually be asked to take a shower. Now feeling clean and ready you then lay face down on the prepared massage table with a towel placed over you.

Act 1 – Building Trust

The room should be warm with soft music and candlelight to and help ease you into a restful state of expectation and subtle excitement and the masseurs lightly stroke your body with a featherlight touch. The massage usually begins with the masseurs part dressed.  This is so you are not immediately distracted by their nudity but that their nakedness, when it coms is a surprise. The first 20 minutes of the massage is designed to be predominantly muscular massage intended to relax and work your physique but also with an aim to tease your mind and slowly arouse your body.

Act 2 – The Journey

Both masseurs slowly explore your body, simultaneously working in harmony and unison. As their hands massage your shoulders, back and buttocks you will feel yourself let go of the stress and responsibilities that we all carry with us. With intimate exploratory touch, they work your muscles whilst at the same time arousing your sexual energy teasing your intimate areas.

Act 3 – Mutual Play

As the massage progresses the masseurs become naked and in the nature of the mutual intimacy of the massage, they encourage reciprocal arousing touch in both non intimate and intimate areas.

The masseurs investigate down the length of your body to your thighs and calves then into the upper regions of your groin. Gradually the massage gives over to deeper erotic arousal as they touch and tease you to full erection. Increased body contact occurs enabling the exchange of erotic touch and sensual energy between the three men and often they will manipulate and move your body, hugging, squeezing, holding, exploring all areas until you reach the pinnacle of near orgasm, then in the tradition of edging, bring you back to calm. On turning you over your feet, toes, legs, hands, arms, stomach abdomen and chest receive attention before you are slowly brought back to arousal. Now the intense erotic exploration begins and anus and nipples with be played with but special attention given to to your cock and balls. For the man who wants to explore this is the time that the masseurs will often encourage mutual three way exploration.

Act 4 – The Crescendo

As one masseur strokes and soothes, the other focuses  on your arousal taking it in an ebb and flow eventually taking you to the crescendo of an extensive powerful full body orgasm.

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