Intimate Tutorials Live Classes

Follow up your online training with a private 1-1 class with Master Masseur & Sex Engineer, Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters at his private treatment rooms in Chelsea, London SW3

Colin who has been featured in such publications as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Reveal, the Daily Mirror and New Day, offers expert training to both enthusiastic amateurs and professional therapists. You maybe wanting to enhance your skills in lovemaking or you may want to explore further your partner’s sensual and sexual boundaries. Or maybe you are therapist already but want to expand your knowledge and skills to include sensual massage in your services, whatever your motivation, whether you are a man or a woman and whatever sexuality, becoming an expert masseur can only enhance and expand your confidence as a person and sensual human being.

The immediate benefit of taking an Intimate Tutorials workshop is that you receive undivided attention from Colin and get to practice on real volunteer receivers. Colin has given over 10,000 hours of massage treatments in his 10 years as a full time sensual masseur and sex mentor so which ever workshop you select, professional or personal, the workshop will include guided massage practice sessions on specially selected male or female volunteers. But well as mastering sensual massage Colin will also teach you a deeper understanding of the physiological and psychological aspects of intimate erotic touch and why giving a sensual massage achieves far more than just a pleasurable experience it is also extremely beneficial to health and well being and a necessary requirement for everyone to live a fulfilled life. So in a sense as a sensual masseur when giving a sensual massage you become a healer, lover, protector and giver of life.

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