Interesting Facts About Orgasm


Eleven facts about the Female Orgasm

  1. Men have more of them. Nearly a quarter of men claim to orgasm once a day, compared to just 15% of women.
  2. Duration Varies in Both Sexes: The duration of orgasm varies for both males and females. For females, the average orgasm lasts between six and 10 seconds. In a lady is lucky, it can last for as long as 20 seconds. Among men, it’s much less than that of his female partner. It’s a meager four to five seconds. Not so great an orgasm-fact for men, right?
  3. Some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. This isn’t particularly surprising when you consider the fact that brain scanning studies have found that nipple stimulation activates the same region of the brain as stimulation of the clitoris and vagina.
  4. The rule of thumb: the distance between a woman’s clitoris and vaginal opening predicts her likelihood of orgasm during vaginal intercourse. When the distance is smaller (generally less than the width of a thumb), she is more likely to reach orgasm because the clitoris gets more stimulation by being closer to the action.
  5. The coital alignment technique has been shown scientifically to increase the odds of simultaneous orgasm during penile-vaginal intercourse. You can learn more about this sexual position and how it works.
  6. On an average, it takes about 4 minutes for men to reach orgasm and about 10-20 minutes for women.
  7. Frequent orgasms are associated with better health. In fact, some research even suggests that orgasm may provide a boost to the immune system.
  8. Orgasms stimulate the same area of the brain as does heroin in an addict’s brain, strongly suggesting that sex can be addictive.
  9. The duration of an orgasm tends to decrease as a person ages.
  10. Women who feel less secure in their relationship are less likely to orgasm.
  11. Around 75% of women need clitoral stimulation and are unable to orgasm through intercourse alone.

Six versions of orgasm for that men can experience


This is your basic orgasm – the one you have while fucking and the one that makes you lose control of your pelvic thrusts (unless you practice controlling it) … and look ridiculous. Pretty standard hat.


This method is far more elusive and often spoken about in spiritual circles or tantric sex enthusiasts. However, there’s nothing mystical about it.

The idea is exercising your pelvic floor muscles and training yourself to stop ejaculation in order to avoid the “rest period” but still have an orgasm – one that will feel stronger and last longer. It’s essentially the male version of a multiple orgasm.


Many guys are shy or down-right against any sexy stuff around their backdoors. This is a shame because the anal area has a ton of nerve endings that can be immensely pleasurable. If you can let your guard down and accept a sex toy or finger up there, you might end up with a new kind of orgasm.


Women have their g-spot, but did you know that men have something similar? It’s called the p-spot (P for Prostate). It’s an area up the bum that is surrounded by LOTS of nerve endings (which also contribute towards orgasms).

You can have these Big-Os by stimulating this area with fingers or sex toys. However, he needs to be completely relaxed and into the pleasure for it to work properly.

NOTE: If you’re curious about any bum play (but aren’t ready to dive into the deep end yet) you might consider getting a sex toy first. You can buy any size your comfortable with and ease in as slowly as you want. I would recommend these…

  • EDGE – A fully adjustable prostate massager
  • HUSH – A vibrating butt plug (comes in two sizes)
  • DOMI – A strong magic wand (for external play if you’re not ready for insertion yet)


This engages your pelvic and spinal region at the same time. How? Simulate the penis and the prostate at the same time. The orgasms will be one of the strongest you’ve ever had in your entire life.


These aren’t the BANG, POW, WHAM! type. They’re the tingly, pleasant type that most people don’t realize they have. They’re the ones that give you goosebumps.  And it comes from music.

Yep, music.

Have you ever listened to a song and felt a rush of energy, a high, and tingles across your skin? That’s technically a tiny orgasm. It’s usually attributed to classical or instrumental (stuff with no distracting lyrics that will trigger external emotions) but anything you’re personally attached to could create this effect.