Intimate Tutorials – Therapists

We are building a list of therapists that we recommend. Whether it is a massage you are seeking or some other form of therapy to improve your intimate relationship, check this list before you go elsewhere. Each therapist can provide references and testimonials from customers.

Colin – Masseur

Colin has been giving professional massage since 1995 and have over 6000 hours of massage experience. As well as being a full time Sensual & Therapeutic Masseur for men, women and couples, Colin also works as a Sexual Performance Mentor and Sexual Relationship Therapist helping clients improve their sexual performance and expand their sexual knowledge to enhance their sensual foreplay skills.

Colin believes that when giving a massage it should be given as partnership between the giver and receiver where the sensual energies can flow both ways. Colin’s massage includes close body to body work.

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Johnny – Masseur

Johnny is 6ft tall and British and has lived and worked in London for most of his life loving everything that London has to offer. Johnny keeps in shape with regular workouts and gets huge satisfaction working and training with like minded people. He believes that in order for people to lead a balanced and happy life, keeping fit and healthy is so important. He regards himself as a people person and loves to comfort and nurture others which is why sensual massage is something he has a passion for.

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Jamie – Masseur

Hello, my name is Jamie and I am British from London. I live and work in the city. I like to keep fit by practicing yoga and doing martial arts. I use my experience of these disciplines to bring strength and precision to my massage so that I can create for you an intense yet calming and highly sensual and intimate experience. I also include body to body techniques and mix in light strokes to tailor your massage to your preferences. I give sensual massage on a part time basis so it is best to book in advance although sometimes I can give last minute appointments. I love to bring a deep sensuality and intimacy to your massage experience.

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Mistress Ivy – Therapeutic BDSM & Fantasy Facilitator

I have worked in the fields of sexuality, kink and BDSM for 13 years. I specialise in helping people connect with their fantasies, fetishes and kinks. I am here to help you bring them out and get passed any feelings of guilty or shame and to explore those aspects of yourself. I provide BDSM-based sessions in various London locations and have a huge range of equipment and considerable experience. I am open minded, so whatever it may be you are looking to explore, you will receive non judgemental support and advice from me. I am a trained Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master and also have qualifications in drama therapy and counselling skills. My therapeutic style sessions may help with grief, addiction and even depression.

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