Earn an extra income by becoming an Affiliate of Intimate Tutorials

Are you a Blogger? Do you have a website that promotes sexual awareness or products? Are you a sex therapist or bodyworker with a web site? If the answer is YES to any of the above then you are exactly what we are seeking in an Affiliate Relationship. Quite simply if you have a couple of our Intimate Tutorials banners on your website and if one of your customers clicks on it and subsequently purchases  one of the tutorials YOU GET PAID a  25% commission.

Our payout program is easy. We pay you 25% for each person that click on an Intimate tutorials banner that you have placed on your website that then registers with Intimate Tutorials.

Earn an extra income by becoming an Affiliate of Intimate Tutorials

Q. Who is Touchtime Limited?
A. Touchtime Limited is the parent company and account name with CCbill for Intimate Tutorials and Sensual Massage Movies

Q. Do I need my own web site to become an Affiliate?
A. Yes you do as at least one Intimate Tutorials Banner has to appear on your site for your visitors to click through from

Q. Does my website have to have a high visitor rate to qualify?
A. No anyone with a website can join the Intimate Tutorials Affiliate programme but of course the more visitors you have and the more you send to Intimate Tutorials the more you will earn for yourself.

Q. How does the system work?
A. Quite simple, we use Ccbill to administer all our membership fee payments and they also set up and run the Intimate Tutorials Affiliate program. If you do not already use CCbill all you have to do is Create a New Account and complete the enrolments form to submit it and they do the rest. Every time a new member purchases a tutorial that is referred by your web site you get 25% of the fee they pay.

Q. Is this a once only payment or recurring?
A. You get a once only 25% commission on all purchase your referred client makes.

Q. How often do I get paid?
A. This is entirely up to you. In the set up procedure, you select the frequency and type of payment with CCbill and they send your commission directly to your bank account.

Q. Do I pay any fees from my 25% commission?
A. No, you do not pay any fees to CCbill or Intimate Tutorials. The only fees you may incur will be banking payment charges or postal costs but this depends on how you select the money to come to you. I.e. payment by wire transfer, check by post, check by Fed Ex.

Q. How do I promote the Intimate Tutorials website?
A. To see a selection of the banners that we have created for our affiliates to place on their websites or blogs, [click here]. You can use as many as you want and vary the type according to the location you put them. Remember the more you have the more click throughs your site will generate and the more money you will make. Bespoke banners can be designs if the current ones are not suitable.

Q. How do I get started?
A.If you have not yet signed up under a CCBill sponsored affiliate program, click the button below:

Q. What if I am already an affiliate?
A. To load your current data, please enter your ID, username and password by [Clicking Here]