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As well as providing intense pleasure in arousal and sensual intimacy a sensual massage gives you second-to-none relaxation and feeds your body and soul. On top of this, there are many unsurprising health benefits which come with the erotic arousal and orgasm (that often go unnoticed!) Here are eight surprising ways an sensual massage can really boost your health and well-being.

Strengthens immune system
It has long been proven that regular massage therapy has boosted white blood cells, which play a vital role at defending the body against illness and disease. When the sensual elements are added to the service the benefits only flourish. Research has proven that people who have regular sexy time have higher levels of an antibody which defends the body against germs and viruses. So if you want a fewer sick days, an erotic massage is a win situation!

Counts as exercise
How many times do we say we’re going to get fit but never do anything about it? Well in fact, an erotic massage does actually count as exercise. Studies show gloriously soothing strokes shred just under 70 calories during a 45 minute massage. If you really want to turn up the heat then electrifying passion, taking control and changing positions can super shift the calories during your session. Wild sexy time burns up to 120 calories. Who said you need a treadmill when a hot oriental masseuse can work you up hot sweat?

Weakens risk of heart attack
Many often say the key to a good heart is a good sex life – and no, it’s not a myth! A bump ‘n’ grind is an effective way of raising your heart rate as well as keeping your estrogen and testosterone levels in check. When these hormones are a low an array of problems can start to develop. These include osteoporosis and in more severe cases, heart disease. A study proved men who engage in sexy time at least twice a week are half as likely to die of heart disease than those who rarely have sex. So if you want to maintain a healthy heart, look no further than erotic massage therapy!

Decreases aches and pains
Fed up of taking copious amounts of paracetamol and ibuprofen to ease your frustrating aches and pains? Well put your box of painkillers down because an erotic massage can do the trick. The magic touch of a gorgeous oriental therapist triggers the rush of endorphins. Endorphins are often dubbed as the body’s natural painkillers by masking the pain signals from reaching the brain. As a result an erotic massage can eliminate headaches, back ache and many more.

Weakens the risk of prostate cancer
A study found that men who have regular orgasms are less likely to get prostate cancer – so it’s a good job our erotic massages always a promise a happy ending! Of course, there are lots of factors which can heighten a cancer risk – but having regular erotic massage therapy won’t hurt.

Relieves sleeping problems
If you suffer from sleeping problems or even insomnia then an erotic massage might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Gloriously therapeutic techniques from a highly trained, oriental therapist increase serotonin levels, which are a vital hormone for a good night’s sleep. The strokes also help to put the body and mind into an overwhelming state of relaxation and erase negative thoughts – which each help to get them extra zzzs!a stressed man

Boosts sexual stamina
Like everything, practice makes perfect – with regular erotic massage therapy giving you the stamina of a stallion. An erotic massage teaches you what you enjoy and how to get the most out of an intimate experience. So if you’re looking for ways to woo your partner and give them a night to remember, then an erotic massage is the best rehearsal!

Relieves tension and stress
So of course a fundamental reason for having a massage is stress relief – however, when the massage is seasoned with erotica the benefits go much further. Massage strokes alone breaks down adhesion’s (muscle knots) and eliminate the stress hormone cortisol, giving the receiver the most unwinding relief. As well as physically, an erotic massage can also eliminate stress emotionally. The euphoria of a happy ending releases the feel good chemical Oxycontin, which maximises the pleasure and stimulates a positive mind-set for the receiver. Those who have regular orgasms have also proven to have double the happiness those who don’t. An erotic massage really is the best stress relief.

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