Vaginal massage, aka yoni massage, especially given by your sexual partner, is an extremely pleasurable experience. No doubt for most women, it is an exciting and gratifying experience, but many won’t realise how much more it is doing for both their physical and mental well being. Take an analogy on eating out, for most men stopping by a steak house provides instant gratification. Although a woman can enjoy a good fillet steak, it is not a meal she will want every day whereas many men would happily opt for a prime rump.

For women, arousal and sex are so much more. Think Smorgasbord, many flavours, many types of dishes and ideally enjoyed in a variety of locations, the posh restaurant, the picnic, at home or in a 5-star hotel. So what has this got to do with vaginal massage? Well, rather than straight forward penetration the experience of having her vagina massaged before penetration ensures she is much more prepared and ready for sex.

If her partner learns how to use either his fingers or a sex toy to reach inside and massage the internal surfaces of her vagina her body and her mind will respond making the pleasure she is experiencing even more fulfilling.
In the six-part Intimate Tutorial ‘Female Sensual and Erotic Stimulation’ in part 4, Colin demonstrates three methods and positions in which vaginal massage can be given. If given well, it may even negate the desire for full penetration. So for both her and him, sex becomes more creative and imaginative. Again think about the flavours of the Smorgasbord, with or without the beef!

The benefits of vaginal massage.

1. Boost suppleness and blood circulation of the skin of the vulva and vagina.
2. Loosen the muscles of the pelvic floor resulting in more intense orgasms and better vaginal health.
3. Promote a sense of peace and deep relaxation because it reduces tension and increases cellular flow in the central core of your body.
4. Improve her overall well-being and sensuousness because you are establishing a loving relationship with her body.
5. Reverse vaginal atrophy for menopausal women.
6. Ease child birth; a daily vaginal and perineal massage after the 35th week of pregnancy can help to decrease the rate of injury and trauma of delivery.
7. Gives sexual intimacy when your sexual partner is giving the massage.
8. A great way to provide intense sexual pleasure, and vaginal massage is extremely useful for those who suffer from neurological and physical tensions.
9. Frequent massage of the vagina through the massager vagina, can pay dividends in the short and long term, and you will have the ability to increase natural moisturising to her vagina during sex and natural lubrication of the vagina during and before sexual intercourse process also increases the pleasure and euphoria of having intercourse without pain or need for the Oilers medical manufacturers that use to lubricate and moisturise the vagina to facilitate the penetration process.
10. Feeling excited and create a mood of excitement and atmosphere of coexistence in peace with yourself for the existence of love, sensual relationship with the essence of your femininity.
11. Potentially it can bring on her own ejaculation

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