An Introduction to the Bathmate Hydromax

The size of a mans penis has probably been the subject of debate among men since men first realised they had one. Not only is a large one size supposed to attract the female but even between men, the sight and size of another’s guys appendage is of interest. Its not just gay and bisexual men who are fascinated by a larger schlong … heterosexual men are constantly comparing themselves with one another. Those sideways glances in the mens changing room, the double take when a well endowed male model struts his stuff on an underwear billboard, we have all done it and most of us cant deny that when we see a man with a whopper we wish we had just that little bit more to offer.

True, many women say that cock size is not relevant to their pleasure but research does show that women generally do orgasm more frequently when the kong is king size. But the gentlemen with less can take heart as there are several strategies they can take to make sure they stay as a frontrunner to give sexual pleasure.

To often I have heard both women and gay men say that men with extra length and girth often lack in technique, since they tend rely on the wow factor to prove their prowess rather than lovemaking skill. So the question to ask is not is a large cock preferred but would partners prefer a large cock with bad technique or a small cock with great technique. Maybe the best would be a man happy with his coke size who also has invested time in learning good love making skill.

That’s why Intimate Tutorials are happy to endorse the Bathmate Hydromax a penis pump which works with the body to produce better and bigger erections. Bathmate Hydromax uses water to ensure that a safe, even vacuum is applied over the entire penis without requiring a constriction ring, unlike lesser devices on the market today.

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Matt’s review after long term use …

Hi I am Matt and I’ve been asked by the lovely people at Jo Divine to test a Bathmate Hydromax – a penis pump used in water as opposed to the more common air pump. I understand that Jo Divine have shied away from selling products such as these in the past as they are often sold with dubious medical claims of penis enlargement and many products are even dangerous.

I cannot deny that, having never tried a product such as this before, I was eager to understand exactly what I was going to be subjecting my body to. I wanted to know exactly why I should use one, not having been plagued with worries about penis size or, thankfully, having suffered much from erectile dysfunction. Of course, we all get tired or lack arousal from time to time!

Jo Divine thoughtfully put me in contact with Bathmate, who explained why using a pump is such a positive for penis health and why the Hydromax is so much better and healthier than the usual air pumps.

A Bathmate is used in the bath (funnily enough). It can also be used in the shower or even just by filling it using a sink. The water is what makes it special – first it soaks, warms and softens the penis tissue, but more importantly when you force water out of the Bathmate it creates an even pressure all over the penis. Some low quality air based pumps can create small hot-spots of pressure which can cause damage to the penis and can even worsen conditions such as Peyronie’s disease (curved penis). It is much harder to create a damaging pressure in a water pump too, but be sure to still observe the maximum usage times.

Bathmate works when you force the water out of the tube by pushing down on the bellows. When you release the bellows, blood is pushed into your penis by your heart to counteract the change in pressure in the tube. This is a natural process and Bathmate works with your body to minimise pressure on your heart.

Many people have bought the Bathmate to increase the size of their penises, but unfortunately the internet is full of false claims and counter-claims as to the true efficacy of this treatment. It would seem logical that using your Bathmate on a regular basis to fill your penis with lots of rich oxygenated blood would have a positive effect over time. You should also expect to use the pump on a regular basis, just like any exercise – you don’t get a body-builder’s physique by just going to the gym once a week!

Bathmate tell me the real value of using the Bathmate Hydromax is enhanced penis health. Apparently I will quickly notice that my erections are reinvigorated. Well, that’s got to be worth a try hasn’t it?

Okay, so here goes…

Most blogs start with the most recent entry first, but as most readers of this blog will probably be curious as to how things (cough) develop, we’ll go in chronological order.

Okay, this is the embarrassing bit – but as we are talking about penis health, we have to talk size and have a baseline.

I have a confession: I have a big penis. I’m not being big-headed, it is all natural – I’ve never tried any extension techniques. This blog is about penis health, not size, but you’re curious and Jo Divine gave me a free Bathmate X40, so I can’t complain about being asked.

Penis length is taken by measuring along the top of the penis and pushing into the pubic bone – not something you check every day! Girth is measured by placing a tape around the circumference of the penis.

So, our starting point is:
Length 19cm (7.5”)
Girth (Circumference) 16cm (6.3”)
Diameter 5cm (2”)

Day 2

With the enthusiastic zeal of a new convert, I wanted to use the Bathmate as much as possible, so I decided to try the Bathmate in the shower.
Having showered and warmed up my scrotum, I filled up the Bathmate… and the water promptly fell out. I’d forgotten to close the valve! Having sorted that out, I filled it with warm water and attempted to pump.
It has to be said that pumping in the shower is a lot more difficult as the product isn’t surrounded by water, so air tends to creep in. You also have to get the knack of opening the valve on the end and doing your first pump immediately, otherwise the water will all leak out. The vacuum created from pumping is what stops this from occurring.
Air became trapped at the top and was a little difficult to expel. I think practice will overcome this issue, as by emptying and refilling I managed to fill it up more successfully.
There is a shower strap which I thought was rather amusing at first and didn’t ask for, but this simple addition supports the Bathmate so you don’t have to hold onto it in the shower – it would certainly make for a more relaxing experience. Otherwise, the experience was much the same as in the bath, showing an identical size on exit.

Day 3

I ended up skipping the morning exercise, so decided to have an evening soak. I followed the same routine as before, but so I could give you some interesting statistics (and yes, it is very hard to count seconds when using a pump) I made a video so I could see the pump in action. Sorry, this isn’t for general release!

Probably due to being worried about dropping my phone in the bath, I entered the pump entirely flaccid. But worries about an expensive phone repair and the thought of having to explain to my wife why I’d dropped my phone in the bath didn’t impair the effectiveness of the Bathmate. In just 10 seconds the pump had given me a 14cm (5.5”) erection! In 30 seconds it was 15cm (6”). This thing will give you an erection in no time!

The next bit of pumping required two hands, so my penis ended its moment as video star. Subsequent depressions brought the unit to full pressure and it was touching the 19cm (7.5”) measurement on the Bathmate tube – I’ve no idea how closely they resemble reality, but it can’t be far off.

I mentioned at the start of this blog that the Bathmate appeared to have room for a girth of 21cm (8.25”), and I can’t help but notice that at this level of vacuum there really doesn’t seem to be all that much room left, although I suspect that is down to the distortion caused by the water in the tube.

This time, I used the pump for the maximum recommended time of 20 minutes. As before, I felt a little sore on the pubic bone area, but otherwise all was good – and I was rather surprised to find that my penis girth has increased temporarily by 1.5cm (0.6”) to 17.5cm (6.9”). The gain seemed to last a little bit longer than last time.

I really enjoyed this session with the Bathmate. It left me feeling good about myself and also strongly aroused – if you have problems with arousal, it is a great thing to note that getting an erection can lead to strong feelings of arousal, in the same way that forcing yourself to smile can have the rather odd effect of making you feel happier.

Day 4

A day off from exercise. Always good to have a rest!

Day 5

Back to the shower, which confirms to me that I prefer to use it in the bath, but I managed to get on much better with filling and using the unit than I did on my first shower attempt. I really do feel that the key to a better session in the shower is to make sure you have properly warmed the penis and scrotum with the shower and I possibly skimped on this today. I have noticed that the discomfort I felt above the pubic bone has decreased considerably.

Day 6

Another shower session for 10 minutes. Practice makes perfect and I’m able to fill and use the Bathmate in the shower with little problem.

Day 7

I used the Bathmate twice today over two 10 minute shower sessions.

Day 8

Back to the bath for today’s session. As I had some time to myself, I decided to make sure I had a good soak followed by the full 20 minutes exercise. I have realised that you get a better session if you pump a bit then rest and let the erection build. After the erection has built you can then pump some more and it is easier to build the pressure with less effort required.


At the end of the first week of using the Bathmate, my biggest surprise is just how much I’ve enjoyed using it. Having your penis stretched by a vacuum pump doesn’t sound much fun but it actually feels good! The technique takes some getting used to but it isn’t that difficult.
So what changes have I noticed? As far as size is concerned, not that much as yet – although my wife has commented that I feel longer and thicker at the base of the shaft. I cannot see or measure much change myself, except from directly after use when I had an extra 1.5cm of girth. This is not a permanent gain, however.

Size is not the point of this blog, however, and the real gains of using the Bathmate have been very apparent to me. This week I have experienced a massive rise in my sex drive. I have had to have an orgasm every day I have used the Bathmate – not immediately afterwards, but every evening apart from the day I didn’t use it. I seldom masturbate to orgasm but on the nights where my wife hasn’t felt like joining in, I have had to. I haven’t had this level of sex drive for quite a while.

In addition, my erections have also been harder and spring up at a moment’s notice. Even better, my orgasms have been wonderfully intense and sensations during sex appear heightened, as though my penis’ sensitivity has been increased.

All I can say at the moment is forget the monkey glands if you need a libido boost – get a Bathmate instead!

I do also feel that there are other benefits to the penis’ health by giving it a daily warm bath while erect. My foreskin – which has experienced tightness problems and even tearing – is very supple and mobile. My penis feels denser and more substantial even when flaccid.

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