Sex Strategy For New Couples

A Simple Sex Strategy For New Couples

For couples starting out in marriage, sexual chemistry should not usually be a concern. The decision to get married would most likely have been made on the basis that the sexual connection between the couple has been a pretty good one, maybe a bit inexperienced but at the least one that is fulfilling enough to suppose that good sex will last for decades.

However this is most often not the case and usually, within 3 to 5 years couples find that the sex in their relationship has at best changed to one of routine or at worst a struggle to maintain. Why? Of course pregnancy, infants waking during the night, working hard to provide for the family, are all factors that will influence the decline of sex between a couple. But underpinning these distractions is far more natural, and unconscious influence and that is our real sexual agenda to ensure our species survival.

Humans are tribal animals and are not biologically or psychologically designed to be sexually monogamous. The male, who until the advent of DNA testing could never know for certain that he was the father of a child, is programmed to approach sex with quantity over quality strategy. The more sex a male has, the more chance of making a baby and securing his genetic line. For the female by giving birth, she can be sure that her genetic line is maintained though she still has to ensure that the offspring survives and that both she and the child have protection and security during pregnancy and for at least several years after or until the child can fend for itself. So a combined strategy of quality and some quantity is for a the female the best method of ensuring: –

a) best genes (sperm) from which to conceive the healthiest baby

b) Maximizes her support network by having sex with several males displaying different characteristics and abilities but who all have a vested interest in keeping her and the child fed, safe and secure just in case they are the genetic father.

With this primal dynamic underpinning natural sexual agenda in play, how can a couple in the 21stcentuary maintain good sex between one another?

Follow this simple premise when making love and you will ensure sex remains exciting and fulfilling

Women seek DESIRE, Men seek APPROVAL

The more desired a female is, the more males she will attract to have sex with so feeling desired is an important arousal trigger for the female.

Tip – A man can should show his desire by alternating his traits in and out of the bedroom by becoming:-

Mr Creative – handyman, builder of home and sexually creative.
Mr Assertive – Dominant and sexually passionate.
Mr Caring, – tender and sexually intimate
Mr Provider – Security and sexually generous to her needs
Mr Unpredictable – Interesting and sexually adventurous
Mr Protector – The gentleman and sexual proprietary


If approved of by a female then the man gets to have sex and a chance to secure his genetic line

Tip – She should show him approval by being his:-

Lover – Intimacy, Tactility, Closeness,
Slut – Abandoned, Primal, Raw Sex, Debauched
Mother – Appreciation, Tenderness, Complimentary, Pride
Mistress – Assertive, Decisive, Dominant