Level 3 Tutorial – 180 Minutes.

The Male to Female Sensual Massage Program includes 8 Chapters and over 3 hours of footage.

Male to Female Program

With the assistance of our two beautiful female volunteers … Holly and Anna, watch Colin teach the full body sensual massage program that he regularly gives to his female clients. By taking this tutorial, you will learn a complete sensual massage program and gain a better understanding of the female arousal process. You will learn how to create a sensual massage that combines the physiological, psychological and emotional dynamics that makes it one of the most intense sensual massage experiences a woman can receive from a man.

Created by Intimate Tutorial’s own Master Masseur and Sex Mentor – Colin Richards, this is a 3-hour tutorial divided into 8 chapters. In it, Colin teaches the ‘Male to Female Sensual Massage Program’.

Tutorial Ratings

We have provided content ratings for the Tutorials and Chapters within each tutorial. They are all marked and are as follows:

  • warning-safe = no scenes of nudity
  • warning-green = scenes of nudity and some light arousal
  • warning-orange = scenes of intended arousal and some genital or breast massage
  • warning-red = scenes of orgasm and possible explicit sexual demonstrations

Contents of this Tutorial

This tutorial comes with a downloadable PDF written description of the massage outlining a minute by minute guide sheet and a description and memory jogger of the massage. Chapter 8 is also available for you to download, keep and watch at your leisure.

  • warning-safe Chapter 1 – part 1 – Introduction by Colin Richards
  • warning-safe Chapter 1 – part 2 – Setting the scene
  • warning-green Chapter 2 – part 1  – The pre-massage chat
  • warning-green Chapter 2 – part 2 – Overture to arousal and connection
  • warning-orange Chapter 3 – part 1 – Therapeutic techniques for back of body
  • warning-orange Chapter 3 – part 2 – Therapeutic back of body continued
  • warning-orange Chapter 3 – part 3 – Front of body therapeutic techniques
  • warning-red Chapter 4 – Part 1  – Likes, boundaries and no-go areas
  • warning-red Chapter 4 – Part 2 – Sensual massage back of body with arousal
  • warning-red Chapter 5 – Part 1 – Sensual massage back of body with erotic touch
  • warning-red Chapter 5 – Part 2 – Sensual massage back of body, edging to orgasm
  • warning-red Chapter 6 – Part 1 – Front of body, playing her desires and emotions 
  • warning-red Chapter 6 – Part 2 – Front of body, revealing the primal woman with erotic stimulation 
  • warning-red Chapter 7 – 45 minute male to female sensual massage program with commentary
  • warning-red Chapter 8 – 45 minute male to female sensual massage program (no commentary)

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Chapter 1

(Chapter 1 is made up of 2 parts)

1 – Massage and Female Arousal – 10 minutes

The tutorial begins with an introduction given by Colin in which he explains the of the misconceptions of female arousal and what women really want and the imbalance of the sexual cycles of the female compared to the male and how because of this women often find themselves lacking in fulfilment. Colin explains that by learning to give a full body sensual massage to a woman a man can both satisfy her multiple needs and at the same time manage his own arousal so that they are both able to experience prolonged pleasure achieve ultimate satisfaction together.

Part 2 – Setting the Scene – 10 minutes

In this section, Colin talks about creating the right environment when giving a sensual massage to another woman. Whether it is for personal pleasure giving to a loved one or friend or as a professional masseur giving to a female client, making the environment, where you are about to give the sensual massage, comfortable, warm and well equipped, is important. Being prepared and organised not only helps you, as the masseur to give the best experience you can, it also shows the woman that is receiving the massage, they are important and that you want to make this occasion special for them. Colin covers practical points such as room size, location, temperature, lighting, and atmosphere. He also mentions accessories that can be used to enhance the arousal and sensation for the woman that you are giving the sensual massage to.

Chapter 2

(Chapter 2 is made up of 2 parts)

Part 1 – The Pre-Massage Chat- 6 minutes 30 Seconds

In this chapter, Colin talks with Holly before giving her the massage. The purpose is to find out a little more about her preferences when it comes to receiving arousal and to understand what aspect of the massage she particularly enjoys. Holly also explains how she personally experiences arousal, what she likes and what she does not like.

Chapter 2 part 2 and Chapter 3 part 1, 2 and 3 Colin demonstrates the traditional therapeutic massage routine with elements of light sensual arousal. To give a first class sensual massage, it is important to combine traditional massage techniques with sensual strokes that gradually build into erotic stimulating arousal. Holly, his volunteer appears only too happy to be his “receiver” and even though this demonstration is kept sensual rather than erotic, we can see that by Hollys responses the pleasurable effects are quite obvious.

This teaching demonstration can be applied to a massage you give that can be 60, 75 or 90 minutes in duration. You can include or exclude any element according to your preference but in this chapter Colin demonstrates the standard style he uses for most 90-minute treatments.

Part 2 – Overture to arousal and Connection – 10 minutes

In the first few minutes of this chapter Colin explains the importance of the journey that one takes the female receiver on. It should not be a massage of 3 parts that gradually transforms the receiver from a state of tension to relaxation and trust building the arousal and creating a sense of adventure. Colin explains why when giving to a female, in the early stages of the massage it is vital that the giver does not get tempted to arouse her to soon. By starting with a head massage the  using feathers and light touch, Colin emphasises that taking the time to prepare her for the journey is vital.

Minute by Minute:
0.00 to 3.05 – Introduction & Preparation
3.06 to 5.07 – Head Massage
5.08 to 9.54 – Stimulation and light touch

A massage of 3 sections
1st part is gentle touch followed by therapeutic work and for duration about 30 minutes the massage is focused on muscle work on the shoulders neck, lower and upper back, buttocks, thighs and calves.
2nd part is 45 minutes and is a combination of therapeutic and sensual bringing in gentle arousal and teasing.
3rd part and the final 15 minutes is still a combination of therapeutic and sensual touch but much more focused on the sensual and erotic building the female receiver to a state of high arousal and ultimately to the climax of an orgasm.

Chapter 3

(Chapter 3 is made up of 3 parts)

Part 1 – Therapeutic Techniques for Back of Body – 10 minutes

Starting with the back Colin demonstrates the first part of the sensual massage programme. Part one covers the back effleurage, shoulder and neck work and general muscle work of the back, shoulders, neck and buttocks. Take note of the explanation of the difference between giving a sensual massage to women as opposed to what a man would want. Slow gentle arousal is imperative as anything approached  too quickly will have the opposite effect on the female.

Minute by Minute:
0.00 to 4.55 – Back, neck and shoulders from standing at head
4.56 to 8.40 – Upper and lower back standing from side beginning the intimate connection
8.41 to 9.47  – Elbow & underarm massage of the back

Part 2 – Therapeutic Back of Body Continued – 9 minutes 30 seconds

Part 2 is a continuation of the therapeutic section of the massage but in this chapter Colin explains how to integrate slightly more arousing elements particularly over the buttocks and inner thighs, the next and scalp. Keeping the massage interesting is vital so that the receiver is never quite knowing what is coming yet. Women love to be taken on an adventure and in the section you can start to bring in some surprises by varying the strokes between regular massage, light touch and close intimate hugging.

Minute by Minute:
0.00 to 3.31 – Full back arm crossover back press and hugging with vigorous pressure
3.32 to 6.23 – Figure of 8 on buttocks and the lower back
6.24 to 9.23 – Leg massage with a leg effleurage and an upper thigh massage

Part 3 – Front of Body Therapeutic Techniques – 9 minutes 30 seconds

In part 3 Colin turns Holly over to demonstrate the front of body massage but as he does he stops to ask her a few questions about how she feels. her feedback is, of course, unique to her, but it is interesting to learn how aroused she already is becoming even though the genital area has not yet been approached. This part also includes massage techniques of the legs, upper thighs, stomach and breasts.

Minute by Minute:
0.00 to 1.46 – Front of body, feedback from Holly
1.47 to 4.04 – Feet, lower leg and thighs
4.05 to 7.05 – Neck and shoulders, breasts, stomach
7.06 to 8.29 – Back lift and more stomach work with cross over technique
8.30 to 9.29 – Hands and arms

Chapter 4

(Chapter 4 is made up of 2 parts)

Part 1 – Likes, Boundaries and No-Go Areas – 9 Minutes 30 Seconds

Now moving into the demonstration of the sensual and erotic techniques Colin first emphasises how it is important to learn the desires and boundaries of the female receiver. Part 1 of chapter 4 is a continuation of the conversation that Colin had with Holly before giving her the massage and we hear him ask her some questions regarding her likes and dislikes in regard to arousal and whether she enjoys clitoral or vaginal stimulation. It is important that as the giver you get a fair idea of what is wanted by the female then once armed with this information you can build you massage around this template knowing that she is going to be comfortable with what your are giving her. It also helps her to believe that you really care about her pleasure and that you want to give her the best experience you can.

Part 2 – Sensual Massage Back of Body with Arousal – 10 Minutes

Holly is now going to receive the full body sensual massage and so as not to distract her from the pleasure of the massage Colin does not talk to camera in the demonstration but gives a voice over as he gives the massage. It’s a great way to learn since Colin is able to explain the little nuances of the massage and the motivations for what he does certain things. He explains some of the psychological aspects of the arousal how by holding hands he can communicate with her and how watching Holly’s body respond to his touch he can decide how intimate and close the massage will become.

Minute by Minute:
0.00 to 3.31 – Light touch and sensual preparation of the body
3.30 to 8.47 – Back massage with body to body touch and long sensual strokes
8.48 to 10.17 – Back press and increased body to body contact

Chapter 5

(Chapter 5 is made up of 2 parts)

Part 1  – Sensual Massage back of body with erotic touch – 10 Minutes

Continuation of the sensual massage with increasingly more sensual and erotic content. There are some close-up scenes of vaginal arousal and clitoral stimulation and what may surprise is the firmness of the pressure on the groin and vagina and how this is about the male giver becoming more assertive and leading the massage rather than waiting to feel he is being given permission. As Colin mentions no women want to give a shopping list to her man. She wants him to use his intuition and imagination so she feels his desire and mild domination.

Minute by Minute:
0.00 to 0.55 – Elbow work with close body to body touch with pressure on buttock
0.55 to 1.40 – Glide up inside of thigh to upper groin and vagina to encourage arousal
1.41 to 2.24 – Close up of inner thigh glide and holding vagina back to firm work.
2.25 –  3.00 – Side lift with breast massage
3.01 to 4.42 – Recover with towel followed by stimulation with massage tool
4.43 to 5.51 – Re oil of the whole body including inner thighs and groin
5.52 to 8.46 – Body lift and stimulation of vaginal lips with brush and elbow push to groin with wrist roll and finger stimulation of the clitoris.
8.47 to 10.03 – Hip lift and pressure push with vaginal stroke

Part 2 – Sensual Massage back of body, edging to orgasm – 10 Minutes

Part 2 is a continuation of the sensual massage with Colin taking Holly to high arousal and orgasm. Holly remains facing down and this part receives clitoral stimulation anal touch and ultimately vaginal penetration taking her to orgasm.

Minute by Minute:
0.00 to 2.05 – Continuation of clitoral stimulation from top of body with external anal touch
2.05 to 3.45 – Keeling above body, lay on back with vaginal penetration from above
3.46 to 5.15 – Side lift with clitoral stimulation from underneath to induce orgasm
5.16 to 7.40 – Leg lift with hand to massage the groin and crutch with further G Spot massage with assertive penetration.
7.41 to 8.39 – External anal touch building to internal anal and simultaneous vaginal massage

Chapter 6

(Chapter 6 is made up of 2 parts)

Part 1 – Front of body, playing her desires and emotions – 10 Minutes

Having turned Holly over Colin starts by relaxing her again giving her shoulders and good strong massage that then flows into the breast massage. Colin removes the towel  and when he feels that Holly is now back in the “zone” be brings in the erotic stimulation. This includes close vaginal work, massaging the vaginal lips, the clitoris, and internal G-spot massage. As she Holly responds Colin builds up the strength and speed of the vaginal penetration to bring her to orgasm. He then takes her back down to a relaxed state and then again takes her back up to orgasm and does this several times.

Minute by Minute:
0.00 to 3.00 – Shoulder, neck and breast massage with nipple stimulation
3.00 to 4.35 – Leg effleurage, buttock stimulation building to further vaginal stimulation
4.35 to 6.50 – Spreading of the legs to expose the vaginal lips to give light touch to the outer and inner vaginal lips with very light touch to the clitoris.
6.51 to 7.55 – Clitoral stimulation with internal vaginal penetration
7.56 to 8.45 – Assertive and fast vaginal penetration to build to orgasm
8.46 to 10.00 – Calming with arm and hand massage to finish with a scalp massage.

Part 2 – Front of body, revealing the primal woman with erotic stimulation – 10 Minutes

Following the massage, Colin takes the opportunity talk with Holly and to get immediate feedback from her. Being Holly’s first ever sensual massage it is interesting to hear how she found it. What turned her on, what surprised her and of course how good it was for her.

Chapter 7

Full 45 minute Male to Female Sensual Massage with commentary

Colin gives a 45-minute nonstop demonstration of the full body sensual massage to Anna a second female volunteer. With this version is a commentary between Colin and  his new student Spencer, who is watching the massage for the first time. Spencer plans to become professional sensual masseur for women and is currently taking training with Colin. In this chapter, he asks Colin questions that maybe you would want to ask if you were in the room.

Chapter 8

Full 45 minute Male to Female Sensual Massage without commentary

This is tutorial enables you to  play the whole 45 minute movie whilst following and giving the massage to a receiver.

The following content is available for downloading:

[PDF Document – Details of the Male to Female Sensual Massage Program]

[PDF Document – Description and Memory Jogger of the Male to Female Massage]

[MP4 Download – Chapter 8 of the Male to Female Sensual Massage Program]

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