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Colin gives his first Funzing talk

On Thursday 17th August I gave my first Funzing talk. Buried deep in the east end of London in Shoreditch is a fabulous little bar called the Looking Glass Cocktail Club. As you step off the street it immediately feels somewhat edgy, with rustic tables and shabby sofas and on entering I was slightly perplexed as there seemed to be no space for the 45 guests who were booked to attend my talk on The Psychology of Lovemaking. Not to worry since at that moment almost miraculously from behind a large mirror ( looking glass ) appeared Aimee the very friendly co host and representative from Funzing  The 6ft by 3 ft mirror was, in fact, a doorway to another room and of walking in all was revealed. More shabby sofas another bar, and a screen and projector set ready for me to sort my power point!

A great space to give a talk and a very helpful manager of the bar helped me set up my stuff and soon guests began to arrive. An eclectic bunch of people some who had attended Funzing talks before others who were drawn to my subject.  At 7.30pm when the room was full I started and over the next 90 minutes, I attempted to show how the audience how attraction and even the way we have sex can be influenced by our early life experiences.

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I am now planning more Funzing outings, another evening talk again on the Psychology of Attraction. Dates still to be confirmed but will update here as soon as I know more.