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Thinking about opening up your relationship?

(Article by Tom Halford for Pink News featuring comments by IT founder Colin Richards) There is a lot of stigma – unfairly – around polyamory. A polyamorous relationship simply means that individuals in the relationship are able to have multiple sexual or romantic partners at once. But according to societal norms, monogamous relationships are the […]

Why these 4 women pay a stranger for orgasmic massages

Here is an article on Colin’s work with women and published in Cosmopolitan Magazine December 15th 2017 Click HERE to read the original article Why these 4 women pay a stranger for orgasmic massages “It’s not sleazy or weird.” By Paisley Gilmour Cosmopolitan Magazine Dec 15, 2017 Massages are great and I think you’d be hard-pressed to […]

A Beginners Guide To Shower Sex

Article By Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters Images: courtesy of Masseur Mack at Massage 33   Safety First! Let’s start with the obvious: safety. Even at the most mundane of times, showers can be accident prone places. Add to this the obviously wet and soapy environment curious positions, distracted attention and orgasmic highs the potential […]


The current and most common description of cuckolding is a man who gets turned on his watching his wife have sex with other men without taking part himself. Cuckolding occurs when a married woman has a sexual encounter with another man with her husband’s full knowledge and consent. She does it because it makes him […]

A climax for the first time

Sharon used psychosensual massage, where a therapist stimulates the body, to climax with another person for the first time ever. Article by Kashimar Gander – from The Independant Newspaper “I did wonder if orgasms were real,” says Sharon who, aged 48, has never climaxed with a sexual partner. “Were they just something that people talk […]

Toys For Men

A selection of only the best toys for men Our ever-expanding range of sex toys for men caters for all types of pleasure. Whether you’re looking for a simple male masturbation sleeve to enhance your solo sessions or a way to keep your sexual health in tip top condition, at Jo Divine, we have it […]

Colin Hosts Funzing Talk

About Funzing London is one of the most fascinating cities in the world with so many incredible things to see, discover and learn. Sometimes looking for the best things to do in London can be a bit overwhelming. Well, not to worry, Funzing has got you covered. On Funzing, you’ll find so many cool things […]


Why Can’t I Orgasm? An article by Intimate Tutorials Creator and Psychosexual Therapist Colin Richards Email: colin@intimacymatters.co.uk – Call: 07966 522 696 Anorgasmia – Persistent inability to achieve orgasm despite responding to sexual stimulation As a trained psychosexual therapist and 20 years experienced masseur in my role as a sex mentor, I often use a combination of counselling […]

6 things you should know about orgasm denial

  Colin featured in this Cosmopolitan article about female orgasm denial Click here to read the full article  Not gonna lie, ‘female orgasm denial’ sound like three pretty scary words. But really, it’s just a fancy and roundabout way of saying ‘intense, built-up orgasms that feel incredible’. Also known by some people as ‘edging’, it […]