An Introduction to Intimate Tutorials by Colin Richards

Sex Mentor / Relationship Therapist and Co Founder

Intimate Tutorials is designed to be an educational platform for adults teaching intimate sensual connections and sexual expertise by exploring both the physiology and the psychology of human arousal. With a greater awareness of the pleasure of giving pleasure and the reason why we enjoy what we enjoy, relationships can become stronger, deeper and more connected.

Whether it is for a casual arrangement, the beginning of a new relationship with a potential partner or a wish to expand a mature relationship, it is never too soon or too late to learn more about giving and receiving sensual intimacy and sexual pleasure.

The Tutorials

Intimate Tutorials provides adults of all sexualities with an on line resource to buy affordable, informative, real and explicit video tutorials on sensual massage, sexual performance and particular sexual techniques. The teachings in the tutorials can be used for personal use or professional use. For those who are thinking of taking up sensual massage as a full or part time career, we will shortly be launching specific tutorials that show you how to set up your business, establish your brand and then market it.

Intimate Tutorials are categorised into 3 levels according to the duration and complexity of the tutorial:

Level 1 Tutorials
Up to 20 minutes in length and made as info bites concise teaching on a particular topic.

Level 2 Tutorials
Between 20 minutes and 1 hour, usually presented in several chapters. Level 2 tutorials can be fly on wall presentations, webinars, and demonstrations.

Level 3 Tutorials
Between 1 hour and 3 hours in length. Level 3 Tutorials include up to 8 chapters, each chapters divided into parts between 10 and 20 minutes each and give in-depth training into a particular skill. Taking a Level 3 tutorial also qualifies students for a 25% discount on any IT workshop.

Intimate Tutorials currently features three Level 3 Tutorials that teach both ‘Female to Male’, ‘Male to Male’ and ‘Male to Female’ sensual massage. Also featured is one Level 1 tutorial and one Level 2 tutorial covering the topics of premature ejaculation as well as a fly on the wall video of a sensual massage workshop as it is being given.

Future Tutorials
Over the coming months, we will be adding many more tutorials to the store. These will include tutorials teaching sensual massage for women wanting to learn how to give a massage to another woman and also 4 hands sensual massages given and received by men, women and couples.

We are also inviting other experts involved in sex education as well as sexually enlightened individuals to contribute to our store and over the next few months the Intimate Tutorial store will have available lessons, webinars and demonstrations covering topics as varied as; enhancing and improving orgasm, masturbation techniques, fetish and fantasy, Shibari Japanese rope tying, how to create your own adult themed events, exercises to improve sexual performance and practical and behavioural strategies to help overcome sexual performance challenges.

The teachings in Level 3 tutorials can be used for personal use or professional use. For those who are thinking of taking up sensual massage as a full or part-time career and require a certification of completion, we set a short questionnaire that asks questions covered in the respective tutorial. Once the questionnaire is correctly completed a certificate is awarded and you are added to our Graduates List. [Click here] to enquire about the questionnaire and certificate.

Backing up the tutorials and for those members who want to take their training further there are various workshops that can be taken. For more information about workshops, [Click here].

As the Intimate Tutorials community grows we will be arranging various social events in London UK, where you can meet with like-minded people to share your skills.

We hope that you like what we are creating. This site is for you, the sensual human and if there is a particular topic you want us to cover, please let us know. Equally, if you are a practitioner, sex expert or a regular person with a particular sexual expertise, we would like to hear from you.

Successful sexual relationships are founded upon some fundamental principals. Self-confidence, good sexual communication, awareness of both your and your partner’s sensual and erotic desires and preferences, are all important areas to develop.  Further more with a fuller knowledge of the biology, physiology, psychology and emotional drivers of one another, what was once adequate can become remarkable.

Food and sex are the main cornerstones of human evolution and both are essential ingredients and equally important to maintain life and the continuation of our species. Why is it though that today we have no concern to celebrate food but sex and physical intimacy is still shrouded in innuendo, scandal and to many a deep sense of fear? In many societies food is revered in a myriad of ways, nouveau cuisine, fast food franchises, numerous TV shows on food, thousands of recipe cookbooks, celebrity chefs lauded  by the hundred and countless diets to follow. But honest education on sensual intimacy, sexual foreplay and sex remains limited and boundaried.